Friday, March 30, 2012


Juan Cole's blog, Informed Consent, talks sense about many things today, but I really like what he says about taxes in his discussion of Mitt Romney's "20% across the board cuts":
Taxes are used for common purposes. They pay for interstate highways, environmental cleanup, and all kinds of national infrastructure. If Mitt gets an extra $480,000 to keep, it is not free money. It is being subtracted from the common pot of money that pays for the things we need government to deliver to us. Mitt’s investments are in companies that need their goods trucked around the US, but now he’s cutting money to pay for road building and maintenance. He’s eating the nation’s seed corn.
It seems bizarre to me that many people can't see this about taxes.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The chef is always right!  Can't miss with this book.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Several months behind or...a new start?

Let's just say I blew last fall's 30-day photography challenge.  So I'm going to start my own.  I  love, and I've been looking for a similarly small (2" or so) figure online, but this morning I realized I've had the perfect one all along:  a short Wallace figure residing in my apt for at least five, maybe 10 years.

Wallace is standing next to a bag of walnuts on the little kitchen wotsit table, which needs work.  It could hardly get more cluttered.  And one thing I learned when I shared an apartment in Chelsea owned by a moviemaker is that DETAIL is all.  There was never anything out of place in the moviemaker's home (not in the apartment, obviously, since she did not live there).  There was nothing in her rooms to mar the background if she wanted to film something spontaneously.  

Here Wallace is standing on a glass popcorn container looking at an MSF map of the world.  He's a bit out of focus, but maybe that's ok.

I have a lot of work to do to get everything, each layer, in proper focus, but that'll be the fun.  This will be my practice page for a while.  I need to give Wallace a bath, too.  He's been collecting dust for years.